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Account Related

What is Neopets Classic?
Neopets Classic is a passion project, founded by a Kiko overlord web dev named Noah. It is a retro recreation of what it was like to play petsites in the early 2000s.

How do I join Neopets Classic?
Currently, sign-ups are CLOSED for Neopets Classic. Sign-ups to Neopets Classic are limited which means they're open only under applications. Recently, sign ups have changed with the goal of being open the first week of every month. Previously Noah would open these every 3-4 months and hundreds are accepted and allowed to make accounts. Sign-up links are also posted occasionally in the official Discord, so keep an eye out for notifications.

How many accounts can I have?
Five! One main account and up to four side accounts. In the early days of the website, there was no limit to the amount of accounts a user could create. However, new users can now only own a maximum of five.

How do I get a side account?
Side accounts can be received through account application openings, which Noah will announce in the Discord #announcements channel - he will often denote whether the applications are intended for those already in possession of accounts or just for first-time users. If you have an account already and have NOT received an account through the Buy Me a Coffee link, you can also receive one in that way.

What am I allowed to do on side accounts?
Most features should not be accessed if they provide you with items or NP in any capacity. Those found to be using their side accounts for financial gain are subject to being frozen, so take care not to violate this rule.
Dailies The only exceptions are the Giant Omelette, Giant Jelly, and The Healing Springs to heal your pets. Items gained must remain on your side account.
Shop If the account has a shop, it must not be stocked.
Gallery You may open a Gallery on your side account.
Random Events Items from REs cannot be sent to your main or other accounts. They must be discarded, given away through approved means, or used on the account.
Lab/Petpet Lab The Lab and Petpet Lab can be used on side accounts.
Use tokens Tokens can be used on side accounts.
Trading Post You can transfer NP between accounts through the Trading Post. Reminder, you should not be doing any activities to earn NP on your side!

Can household members also play NPC?
Absolutely! It is very obvious when people are funnelling wealth from side accounts to main accounts, but we do advise to keep gifting to a reasonable level so as to avoid crossed wires

How can I change my account details such as my password, name, and other identifying information?
To change those details, you can go to the "User Info" page, which is found by clicking "Help" on the sidebar and then "Edit Profile." On this page, you can change your password, name, country, gender, and site theme. Click here to visit it!

How do I block another user?
You can block a user by clicking on "Neomail" from the sidebar and then "Block" from the options with yellow icons at the top of the page. Once there, fill in the box with the username of the person you which to block (this IS case sensitive). For convenience, the link is here.

How do I report a bug?
Please post bugs in the #bug-reports channel of the official Discord. If it is GAME-BREAKING in nature, do NOT post it there, and instead create a support ticket!

Game-breaking is defined as something that is exploitable for gain such as rendering NP or items in a way that is glitchy and unintended, or the ability to access content or do things that you ordinarily would not be able to with normal in-house functions.

Gameplay Related

What features are currently in the game?
  • All pre-conversion pet colours (With some new ones for NPC!)
  • Avatar System (With some specific to NPC, contributed by players)
  • Flash Games
  • High Score Tables
  • Lab Ray, Petpet Lab Ray, Treasure/Spooky/Underwater Maps
  • Restocking (Not all stores currently in, being trickled in)
  • Wheels (Excitement, Misfortune, Knowledge, Mediocrity)
  • Gardening (Unique to NPC)
  • Grundo's Grinder Recylcing Center (Similar in nature to Charity Corner)
  • Esophagor's Quests
  • Tarla's Shop of Mystery
  • Alien Aisha Vending Machine
  • Faerie Quests
  • Kadoatery
  • Faerieland Employment Agency
  • Snowager
  • Coltzan's Shrine
  • Snow Faerie Quests
  • Happy Valley Ice Cream
  • Hidden Tower
  • Giant Omelette, Giant Jelly
  • Fruit Machine
  • Tombola
  • Shops, Galleries
  • CSS/HTML customization for User lookup, petpages, pet lookup, shops, galleries
  • NeoLodge
  • Mystery Island Training School
  • Petpet System
  • Scratchcards (Terror Mountain, Haunted Woods, Lost Desert)
  • Pet Tokens (To expand pet capacity)
  • Name Change Tokens (To change name of pet or username)
  • Inventory Tokens (To expand inventory size and acts as a Pant Devil Charm, though we ALSO have those)
  • Underwater Fishing
  • Mystery Island Fishing
  • Dice-a-Roo
  • Seasonal events and plots unique to NPC
  • Charms to buff/debuff game features
  • Mysterious Symol Hole
  • Double or Nothing
  • Deadly Dice
  • Lever of Doom
  • Illusen's Glade
  • Jhudora's Bluff
  • Turmaculus
  • Wise King Hagan
  • Grumpy Old King
  • Soup Faerie
  • Buried Treasure
  • Neoboards
  • Crab Shack
  • Achyfi Machine
  • The Stock Market

  • What features are currently in progress?
    The following features have been mentioned as being in progress, though there's no ETA as some features take quite a bit of work and testing! Almost all features of Neopets will be brought over eventually, especially those that were available prior to the conversion.

  • More HTML-based games (Solitaire, etc)
  • Battledome
  • Guilds
  • Keyquest/Habitarium

  • ... And much, much more will be brought to NPC!

    Where is (feature)?
    Currently, there is no ETA for specific site features. As this is a passion project, there are bursts of content covering a variety of things: bug fixes, patches, new pet colours, and so on. Features like the Battledome and Games will take longer to implement.

    What is an Error (500)?
    Occasionally, the site will be down. This may be because of a host error, Meepits tangling up the wires in the back, or Noah updating the site. Check here if the site is down just for you. The site normally returns between a couple minutes to a couple hours - check the Discord #announcements to see if there are any updates for its return.

    How can I make Neopoints?

    The best ways to get Neopoints starting out are to turn your starter paint brushes in at the Faerieland Employment Agency for some NP to get you going! These turn up fairly regularly and are great ways to give yourself a boost to access the other money-making methods.

    Random Events sometimes contain valuable items, and they refresh 8 minutes after your last one rather than being entirely random like on retail.

    Scratchcards, dailies, and fishing are other exceptional ways to get some nice items for selling to other players. Once you're more established, you can begin to restock items in the various shops for selling and trading, though the profitability will vary with the supply and demand currently taking place - but you can make use of the commerce channels in this server for price checks and other economic info.

    If you would like to learn more, check out our guides!

    I found a seed, what does it do?

    Seeds are a part of our Neogarden feature here on NPC!
    Gardening is currently getting an update gardening and it's starting questline are inactive!
    But this will apply soon so be sure to check back.
    You have to do a short questline to unlock it, which can be started here.
    Our full gardening guide will be available here once it is updated.

    You plant the seeds in your garden and, once mature, they will give you items. Your garden can be outfitted with different decorations that give different boosts to your plants, and the plants are watered using the items Bottle of Water, Two Bottles of Water, and Vial of Pure Water.

    Are scripts allowed? If so, what kinds?
    Scripts that give you an advantage over other users in a competitive sense are NOT allowed. This includes any script that will isolate rare items in shop inventories to make it easier to see them when restocking (Including but not limited to scripts that highlight good items, remove images for unwanted items, or in any way affect the normal functionality of shops). Similarly, you are not allowed to copy + paste or use auto-filling scripts to haggle on items. Auto-refreshers or scripts that automate any part of gameplay are also not allowed.

    The types of scripts that ARE allowed are ones that customize your interface (such as the all-in-one sidebar), the search tools (as these will be added to the site as a canon feature eventually), and anything that does not give you an edge over other users or affect the game in ways that are not intended or permitted.

    How often do shops restock?
    Shops restock every 6 minutes on the dot. There are a few shops that have mini-restocks in-between those: Bakery, Chocolate Factory, Spooky Foods.

    Shops say "Stocks are limited." What does that mean?
    Congratulations because this means you probably just restocked something awesome! This text means that you have restocked an item of 90+ rarity, or several items at rarities thereof, and you will no longer be able to see items that stock of rarity 90+ until your ban lapses. This is not a punishment, but a feature intended to spread out cool restocks for all players. Bans are issued based on various data, so sometimes you may get banned after one or a few r90+ items.

    How long do shop bans last?
    Shop bans do not have a set duration, but can be quite long. They are typically at least a couple hours but potentially much longer.

    Is Boochi active?
    Yes, Boochi is active and has the potential to zap your active pet Baby. If you do not wish to have particular pets zapped, be sure to not have those pets active if you are out of cooldown for a Random Event. A "Boochi Shield" is a planned feature in the future, but not yet in-game.

    How do I get a Golden Ticket and what does it do?
    Golden Tickets are awarded randomly when buying items from shops around Neopia. These highly-coveted tickets allow you to turn one pet Chocolate at the Chocolate Factory. With a Golden Ticket in your inventory, visit the shop and there will be a link that guides you through the process.

    Misc Related

    Won't this project get shut down due to copyright?
    As it stands, NPC is hosted on a "DMCA-ignore" server. What this means, is that the server does not respond to notices of taking down the site. Other, similar projects have been up for years (Leopets, to name one), so there is little fear of NPC going down - fret not!

    I want to help with the project, how can I do that?
    We love your enthusiasm! Currently, Noah is not accepting coding help, but that doesn't mean he never will!

    As for art, there is an art team for NPC that has no formal application process, but you can inquire with Noah or one of the art team members to ask about joining it! Have your art examples handy, as we do try to keep the style pretty similar to what was around pre-conversion. You don't have to be in the art team to help contribute, and Noah regularly accepts submissions for avatars from the user base as well as pet/petpet designs. Be sure to check in with a member of staff before you begin, as it may be something already a work-in-progress.

    I have a problem with another user and I need assistance. How can I get help?
    Please DM one of the mods on discord and one of them will do their best to help you ASAP!

    I have a suggestion for the site, what is the best way to submit that?
    The easiest, and best, way to submit your suggestions is by posting them in the #suggestions-and-feature-requests channel of the NPC Discord.

    Can I offer art commissions for IRL currencies here?
    No, this is not permitted. You CAN offer commissions for NPC items and currency, but not pets.

    Tips & Tricks

  • You can fish with multiple pets, not just one. Each pet has an individual cooldown timer ranging from 2 to 8 hours. The first 4 pets that fish per day have an increased chance to fish up paint brushes, so it is recommended to fish with your highest level pets first. The book "Fishing Made Easy" will raise your pet's fishing skill 1~5 levels and can be read once like all other books.
  • The Wishing Well allows you to wish for almost any item currently in the game, as long as you type out the full item name as it appears. This includes retired items.
  • Review our Tokens guide and Items guide for some of the most important item changes in NPC.
  • Keep all your fishing "junk"! This will be useful later when the Grundo Recycler is implemented. Kelps can be placed in your Neogarden for boosting your Maraquan Seed plants.
  • You can have the petpet lab map without first obtaining the Secret lab map! For more info, see our Maps guide.
  • When painting a pet Royal or Usuki, you have the option to choose which pet art regardless of the pet's gender.
  • Lutari do not run away on NPC when they are pounded, and they can be transferred.
  • Click the blue HTML box here if the map isn't loading or hasn't updated.
  • The news and patch notes are the best places to see updates. The site is still in open beta - meaning it's very playable but some areas and features are not added yet!

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